“Smudging” Time Draws Near

The Native Americans of the Cherokee tribe celebrate the new year around the dark of the moon in October each year. One of the rituals they perform is a cleansing ritual called “smudging.” Simply said, they use smoldering smudge sticks made of dried sage, cedar, and sweet-grass to rid their homes of bad spirits and welcome positive energy for the coming year.

My wife and I have carried out this ritual for many years on New Years Eve. We now have been enlightened and will follow the Native American guidelines of performing this around the dark of the moon in October. We have always used cedar for our sticks. We have an abundant bed of white sage, so we will incorporate both sage and cedar this year.

Smudge Stick, Bowl, & Tripod

Smudge Stick, Bowl, & Tripod

Everyone wants their new year to be positive. Whether smudging truly works depends on the strength of your own set of beliefs. My wife has direct Cherokee heritage, so we feel this is a good way to welcome the coming of the new year. Instead of going off on  a long-winded explanation, like I can do at times, the following link is a respected site with in-depth information on smudging and other important rituals of the Cherokee tribe. The Smudging Ceremony

Maggie and I like the fact Native Americans showed genuine respect and love for nature. Maybe we in our advanced culture should take a hint from their ancient culture. Seems like we all want the same outcome.


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