Mountain “Dawgs”

A short post on “dawgs.”

I do not know a family in the Boston Mountains that does not own, or at least associate with, a dog. They were here before we were here. We have a resident “dawg” appropriately named “Chef.” He is a “fence-hopper” breed of fox terrier/Jack Russell/Rottweiler. As “dawgs”go, he’ll do “in a pinch.” He is not the “brightest light bulb in the chandelier,” but he keeps careful watch over my wife Maggie.



Dogs in the mountains supply a need. Their basic duty is to alert us when something suspicious is happening on the property. Their secondary duty is to offer us companionship. They possess an uncanny awareness of attitudes, illnesses, weather, and the unknown.

When we arrived here in”Lizard Holler,” my wife Maggie had a companion “dawg” named “Toto.” She was the spitting image of Dorothy’s dog from the movie the “Wizard of Oz.” She was an indoor/outdoor dog. She did her job of companionship and security exceptionally well. I was not used to an “indoor” pet, so it took me time to adjust. As time went on I “begrudgingly” accepted her indoor habits. Looking back now, after her passing a few of years ago, I sincerely wish I had been a little more accommodating. Folks are folks, and dogs are dogs. This I know. Now, I really miss Toto. I wish I had realized that a lot sooner than I did. Do me a favor and look at your personal relationships, and your “dawg” relationships, a little closer. I overlooked a lot of love I should have seen and shared.


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2 Responses to Mountain “Dawgs”

  1. A very sweet post . . . And Chef looks quite handsome for a “fence-jumper.” Maybe he has some spaniel in him . . .

  2. Joel Chandler says:

    I just stumbled across you blog. I’m not sure how I missed, but I’m glad that I found my way here. Your post about “dawgs” is spot-on.

    Keep writing and cooking.

    Best regards,

    Cousin Joel

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