I Pledge Allegiance

Mountain folks are sometimes criticized for being “standoffish.” They are often labeled by some people as “isolationists.” In reality, mountain folks are deeply patriotic and consider themselves proud American citizens. Native folks, from here in the Boston Mountains, have a long history of supporting America’s cause for freedom and equality. Many of their sons and daughters have been lost protecting our native soil as far back as the Civil War. Mountain folk cherish their freedom just as much as urban folk, maybe more! Having the right to live this close to nature is a privilege they do not take lightly.

Folks here in the mountains might be a little reluctant to advertise the beauty of these hills to others, but Southern Hospitality still reigns supreme. A “dawg” might bark at you when you approach a home here, but the folks living here will welcome you with a genuine smile.

That being said, mountain folks are deeply connected to the tragedy that unfolded on September 11, 2001. They too lost family and friends that day. Mostly, they lost fellow Americans that shared their love for the American Dream.

Down through the years, every little schoolhouse here in the Boston Mountains started class each day with the “Pledge of Allegiance” just like any other schoolhouse in America.

Actual Boston Mountain Schoolhouse From 1900

Actual Boston Mountain Schoolhouse From 1900

This Sunday, I know all the folks here in the Boston Mountains will recall the “Pledge Of Allegiance” as they pause to honor and pay tribute to our lost Americans and the families that mourn them.


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