Shine On Harvest Moon

Last Sunday’s full moon was this year’s Harvest moon. Our garden harvest is in, our canning done, we have tinkered with our tinctures, so now comes the time to ready ourselves for Winter and plant a Fall garden. Our first northern cold front has moved through and cooler Autumn breezes have rolled in. After surviving the hottest Summer I can remember, the cool breezes today were a welcome relief. This is our favorite season of the year! Only a week until Autumn officially arrives.

The Harvest moon of September is the harbinger of the Fall and Winter seasons ahead. With this moon mountain folk began in earnest their preparations for the “indoor” months ahead. They used the Old Farmers Almanac, published beginning before the Civil War, as their guide. The almanac was second only to the Bible as their guide for survival in these hills. The current almanac predicts we will have a “normal” weather pattern for this Fall and Winter. This, I consider to be great news.

Pattypan Squash

Pattypan Squash

Maggie and I picked the last pattypan squash today. It was a white variety we purchased this Spring from a local nursery. We will slice it in half, stuff it with a Bolognese sauce, top it with mozzarella, and bake it off tonight. We will toast some fresh garlic bread and savor the last fruits of our Summer garden. We have some fresh chives from our herb garden to sprinkle atop this fancy feast. Fresh dandelion leaves will add a peppery touch to our salad. We may have a glass of dry muscadine wine from Chateau Aux Arc Winery nearby. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such great “local” sources for food and wine. We also consider ourselves reasonably “green” and locavores at heart. We will finish our feast with a bit of dark chocolate for dessert. We love our “superfoods!”

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