All’s Well, That Fills The Well

The majority of folks living here in the Boston Mountains depend on a well for everyday water. There are a few nearby rural water associations that offer “city” water, but a major part of everyday life here in the mountains is relying on your well for precious “life-giving” water.

Old Water Well

Old Water Well

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have well water that tastes good. Most wells have a small amount of iron and sulfur “flavoring” going on. Our well is obviously fed by pure mountain spring water. It doesn’t get any better than this! We have availability of “city” water, but we choose to drink and bathe with the refreshing water from our spring-fed well. With that decision made early on, we rely on rain to replenish our water. Fortunately our well has never run dry. We have done a few “rain dances” on occasion though. Being the savvy folks we are by nature, Maggie and I also capture as much rain water as possible to keep our garden growing without the use of our precious well water reserves. We have fifty gallon containers strategically placed where our gutters’ final flow ends. We have spigots attached for easy use of the captured rain water.

Our woodland home was built about twenty ago, so we don’t have the most efficient “green” elements built-in. We do our part though by replacing water fixtures with the newest efficient equipment possible. Our toilets are older, so we replaced the “innards” and added two bricks to cut back on water consumption. We also have embraced as many new lighting technologies as we could without sacrificing warm and necessary light. All of this said, at the end of the day we try to live a “greener” lifestyle and we also ascribe to follow “locavore” habits wherever  possible.

I will finish with an observation. Well diggers, as professionals, are not as visible as say plumbers are in our everyday lives, but they certainly provide a service that is very necessary out here in the mountains. They garner quite a bit of respect within our hill country society. So the next time you hear someone’s retort that it is “as cold as a well digger‘s ass,” remember that with as much business as they do out here in the mountains they probably can afford the best clothes around to keep their asses warm.

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