Tree Frogs…Spring Harbingers

You know Spring has arrived here in the Boston Mountains when the tree frogs begin their “reeeee…reeeee” chorus just before twilight each day. Their chorus reaches a crescendo around the June solstice and retires with diminished fervor in late October. They basically offer their musical chorus from equinox to equinox every year. Being a city boy for my first 45 years, all we relied on for our seasonal chorus was the crickets and cicadas scratching sounds. Naturally tree frogs become attracted to our pond below our back yard. They are curious souls, and that is why I caught one on my kitchen window and was able to snap the picture I have posted here.

Daffodils and plum blossoms are the visual harbingers that alert us Spring is not far away, but the tree frogs serve as our aural harbingers. Their plaintive song becomes endearing after only one season. Maybe it is the pitch of their song, or maybe the distinctive rhythmic harmony with their fellow singers, that sets their music apart from the other sounds of nature here in the mountains.

Anyhow, it serves yet another purpose, in the grand scheme of things, If you sit down on the porch and immerse yourself in the beauty of their tones, their song becomes a soothing, calming resolve after a  hard day pursuing your work and your dreams. It is almost as if they are gently massaging your temples and your shoulders. We have many free remedies here in the mountains and I must laud the tree frogs for their unselfish gift of their therapeutic song.

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