“tiggers and chicks”

Memorial Day weekend, while “welcoming” the Summer season, we mountain folks “unwelcome” the arrival of the worst pests of the year. Chiggers and ticks!



“Tick checks” are “business as usual” down here in Lizard Holler. When Maggie and I return to our air-conditioned abode the first order of business is the “tick check.” While this can be reasonable fun, for consenting adults, this ritual is a necessary evil down here in the woods. One cannot wait until bedtime because the little “buggers” will be securely attached and devouring your flesh by then.

We have found our only true method of preparation, for spending time in our garden, is to “grease” down our skin entirely. We do try to use repellents that are natural. Lemon balm is full of natural citronella. We include it in our homemade “bug grease.” Mountain folks have used it through many generations. We mix orange oil, lemon balm tincture, and Avon’s “Skin So Soft.” It really works well keeping bugs at bay.



So remember, when you come back in the house from a fervent visit to the garden, lift your skirts and pull down your pants. It’s “tick check” time. One of the simple pleasures, down here in Lizard Holler.


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1 Response to “tiggers and chicks”

  1. Linda Kaiser says:

    LOL…nasty lil buggers! Thanks for sharing your “grease recipe” tho!

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