Crows Are Back


Crow on a branch Galerie Janette Ostier, Paris

Crow on a branch Galerie Janette Ostier, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maggie & I noticed that when the crows begin to congregate again that Fall is just around the corner. Well they started congregating this week and my how noisy they are this year! Some mountain folks say that when they come back for the Winter season and are unusually noisy, that it means we will have a colder Winter. Might be a “wives tale,” but it might be the truth. Mountain folks rely on the traditions and the folklore here and a lot of their simple predictions come true, we have noticed.

Whether or not our Winter is colder because of the crows’ noisiness, it is always interesting to come across some native folklore that is passed down by word of mouth over many generations. Just knowing that through communication of generation to generation we can still pass on information is reassuring. Even if we did not have books or computers, information will still pass down on a regular basis. I like seeing the patience, persistence, strength of will, and the desire of our Boston Mountain folks and how simple means of communication, like word of mouth, can still not be matched by our new technology.

Okay enough of my rant for the day! Caw! Caw! Caw!



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2 Responses to Crows Are Back

  1. a crow’s call
    just around the corner
    snowflakes falling

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