Coyotes…Madrigals High On The Far Ridge

Wonders abound down here in “Lizard Holler.” One wonder is the beautiful choral melodies of the coyotes harmonizing high on the far ridge. There is no rhyme or reason to when the music might begin, or how  long a particular session might last. When the coyotes start howling it is one of those rare pleasures of living way out here in the Boston Mountains. We have noticed that the beginning of a distant choral work generally begins with a solo performer howling with a painfully lonesome melody. After the solo is over, then comes the ensuing full chorus. Most mountain folk find the coyote a real nuisance. Maggie and I always try to find the “good” in everything that happens around us. With this in mind we find the howling chorus a rare, unblemished gem in the creeping darkness near sunset.

Everything has its place in the natural world around us. The coyotes howling chorus might be a frightening and eerie sound to others, but we find it as yet another fringe benefit to living here in the deep woods of western Arkansas.


I wrote a haiku last year I want to share.



Winter madrigals                                                                                             Coyotes harmonizing                                                                                       High on the far ridge

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