Snow Moon Soon

Full Moon

Full Moon (Photo credit: kennytyy)

“Snow Moon” is the name of our February full moon. This is the most common name, but seeing as how there is no formal full moon name “register”, I find the “Hunger” moon name also fitting. Our native Americans were very practical in the names they attached to the full moons each month. Each being named for an important aspect of the particular season of the year when the full moon arrives. Naturally, our largest snowfalls normally occur in February. With snow on the ground, and hunting difficult, the native Americans found themselves a bit more hungry in February than they would be in March, when temperatures rose and hunting was easier. As I have said before, the native Americans were so very “spot on” with their practical approach to each season and the positive results they knew would come from “milking” each season and its harvest for “all it was worth!” I stand in awe at how well they used every waking hour and every shard of nature’s bounty to their families benefit.

“You all” know my obsession with full moons. I feel a personal spirituality about how they affect our attitudes and “where withal.” Maggie & I try very hard to experience each one with “glee.”  Lots of “glee” coming on February 25th…be there!

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