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In Praise Of The Lowly Boston Mountain Bean

Today I sing praises for the lowly Boston Mountain bean. A myriad of  different varieties does she offer. Behold her strength. Behold her beauty. How ever increasingly our strength builds with our intake of her many bountiful benefits. Long considered … Continue reading

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“Pot Likker” Not “Pot Liquor”

I am a proud “Southerner.” Here in the Boston Mountains we speak “Southern Speak.” Many people who do not live here accuse us of speaking “lazily.” We are not lazy. This is our proud native dialect. We are smart. Speaking … Continue reading

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There Is A “Lemon” Balm In Gilead

Like the words from the hymn,”There is a Balm in Gilead,” there is a lemon balm down here in Lizard Holler. As a matter of fact, lemon balm is rampant! My wife Maggie planted this healing herb about 4 or 5 … Continue reading

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In Praise Of The Lowly Onion

Being a chef by trade, my favorite vegetable is the onion. It is as essential to cooking as salt and pepper. Without it, as a savory ingredient, the world would be a very sad place. Onions have been a staple … Continue reading

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