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In Praise Of The Lowly Onion

Being a chef by trade, my favorite vegetable is the onion. It is as essential to cooking as salt and pepper. Without it, as a savory ingredient, the world would be a very sad place. Onions have been a staple … Continue reading

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Most mountain folks make “hootch” and never realize it. Sourdough bread is another mountain tradition. Nothing is more endemic than a loaf of native sourdough bread. Nobody really knows when people began the making of a sourdough starter, or levain … Continue reading

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“Water Pepper” on the “Crick”

Drive across any creek bed up here in the Boston Mountains and you’ll find dinner growing. Watercress, also known as “water pepper,” grows especially well out here and adds a “peppery” accompaniment to any garden salad this time of the year. It … Continue reading

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